Invoice factoring is a financing solution to turn pending invoices, or accounts receivables, into cash on hand. Invoice factoring supplies businesses with the ability to stay current on their expenses and avoid missing any opportunities for expansion by eliminating waiting for payments from their customers.. Once invoices are submitted, they usually fund within 48 hours.



A quick funding option that focuses on revenue volume instead of credit requirements. This gives a merchant the opportunity for flexibility in managing their cash flow. MCA’s require little to no credit while time in business can be as short as 3 months. 


A Line of Credit requires No collateral thus good credit is needed along with gross receivables of $10K or more per month. The borrower has the freedom to use funds appropriately and according for the growth of the business. A borrower can use it to purchase equipment, finance inventory, payroll or even expansion.  

Our Services

Get financing for new and used equipment or technology for your business. Access up to $250,000 with an application only, or up to $1 million with financials. Loan and lease options are available. Credit scores over 650 are preferred. 


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